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Mr. Hui’s

Mr. Hui’s

Mr. Hui’s is a new Asian restaurant in Lincoln, NE that opened in October of 2012. It is located at 3255 Cornusker Highway, Suite B6, Lincoln, NE 68504. This review is written after my second time visiting this establishment.

If you are a fan of Chinese food. especially with an authentic flair, be prepared for great flavors as this restaurant definitely has them, although there are foods per my own tastes that I would recommend and others that I would not.

Upon my first visit I was not prepared for a review but just for the sake of giving an example of their various Asian cuisine I had the Crispy Salted Frog Legs on that occasion. They were cooked with white onion and cilantro. The taste was great but I am used to Chinese food that has a sauce and I wasn’t prepared at that time deal with meat that had bones in it. I may get it again in the future as it was indeed tasty, just not what I was quite expecting on that particular occasion.

My latest visit was on the evening of February 2, 2013. At that time I went alone to Mr. Hui’s. I was promptly greeted by a waitress who seated me immediately and she was back in less than five minutes to take my order. I ordered seaweed salad, seafood hot and sour soup, and sizzling beef. For a beverage on this occasion I ordered hot taro milk tea.

My Order

The waitress came back in another five minutes and informed me that they were out of seaweed salad. That could be a positive in that it is so popular that they sell a great deal of it or it could be a negative in that they were not prepared to sell much of it. I will try it the next time that I am there and add a comment to this post. I replaced this item with two spring rolls.

Spring Rolls

About ten minutes later the spring rolls came. Different than what I expected as I am used to spring rolls not being deep fried and just having their ingredients wrapped in rice paper. They were good however and I enjoyed them with some Sriracha hot chili sauce. On a scale of poor to fantastic, I would say that the taste in my opinion would fall between good and great.

Taro Milk Tea

Next my opinion of the taro milk tea. Iced this may be enjoyable but to have it as a hot drink, which was actually closer to lukewarm than hot, I was not impressed. It reminded me of warm strawberry milk in taste. Next time I will have their hot passion fruit green tea that I had tried in the past as a take out beverage. It was quite good if you like a fruit flavored green tea that is very sweet.

Seafood Hot and Sour Soup

The seafood hot and sour soup in my opinion was fantastic. I usually like hot and sour soup anyway except from buffet style restaurants. This hot and sour soup is especially spicy as I like and in addition it has shrimp, scallops and mock crab meat. I would highly recommend it.

Mr. Hui;s Seafood Hot and Sour Soup

Mr. Hui;s Seafood Hot and Sour Soup

Sizzling Beef

The last dish to be reviewed is the Sizzling Beef. I wouldn’t say it was fantastic which is the highest praise that I would give any particular dish but it was great, which is on the cusp of being fantastic. The presentation was great with the server bringing it my table on a metal plate on a wooden base with the food sizzling and steaming hot. The sauce was reminiscent of beef with broccoli. It was loaded with several vegetables such as red and green bell peppers, broccoli, snow peas, mushrooms, and white onion.

On a scale of one to ten I would give the entire experience of the food and atmosphere of Mr. Hui’s a ten. Until someone shows them up I now consider Mr. Hui’s the best authentic Chinese food in Lincoln, NE.

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